Friday, November 27, 2009

Liberate your code

Do you still read your portable Java code in proprietary Microsoft fonts?
If so, you can consider liberating it from corporate license chains.

Some time ago the folks at Red Hat decided to create free equivalents for popular Microsoft fonts.
The result was Liberation fonts.You can download them for free from here. For Windows you would need the ttf flavor.
Once you install the new fonts, you can start using them in Eclipse.
Open Window > Preferences. In the dialog navigate to General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts. On the right expand Basic, select Text Font and change it to Liberation Mono.

Liberation Mono is the equivalent of Courier New® but looks cleaner and is more condensed vertically so more code will fit on your screen.
Here is a sample



  1. Hi Pesho,

    Interesting. Did you try it? Could you post some screenshots how my code would look like with the new font.


  2. Hi Ivko, sample screenshot added.