Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cyrillic in Wine

As windows is still much more popular than Linux there are some Windows applications that still do not have a Linux version. In these cases WineHQ comes to rescue. It allows installing and running Windows applications directly on Linux.
One such applications that I use is AceMoney Lite. But I encountered one problem - the application does not show properly text in Cyrillic like text in Bulgarian or Russian.
The solution that works for me is to set the LANG environment variable to Bulgarian.
After running the installation of a Windows application using Wine, it appears in Applications > Wine > Programs menu. So it can be launched just like an ordinary Linux application. So I opened the properties of AcemoneyLite launcher. The command there looked like this
env WINEPREFIX="/home/peter/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\AceMoney\AceMoney.exe" 
I inserted LANG=bg_BG.UTF-8 before wine and now the cyrillic works just fine in AceMoney Lite.

I found the same trick works also for Picasa. The Linux version of Picasa actually bundles Wine and runs on it. So there prepend env LANG=bg_BG.UTF-8 to the command so it looks something like this
env LANG=bg_BG.UTF-8 /opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/picasa


UPDATE 2 Feb 2012   
Recently this stopped working in Ubuntu 11.10.
After several attempts I found that if I use LC_ALL=bg_BG.UTF-8 instead of LANG=bg_BG.UTF-8, it works again.


  1. чудесно, просто върхът :)
    добавих този ред в изпълнимия фаил QIP
    имам перфектна кирилица, а се бях измъчил с глупавата ибъс преференс и отвратителната руска фонетика
    файлът ми изглежда така :
    d /home/satir/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/QIP
    wine C:\\Program\ Files\\QIP\\qip.exe /oldgif

  2. Мерси много. Прерових целия нето докато разбера как да проработи при 11.10, че наистина спря стария начин!! 10x