Friday, October 16, 2009

Ignoring Perforce keywords when comparing revisions with Araxis Merge

In Araxis select View > Options
Select All Comparisons > Expressions and double-click an empty item to create new expression.

Type some description and paste this in Expression:
\$(Id|Header|Date|DateTime|Change|File|Revision|Author)(: .*)?\$

Select the check-box next to your new expression.

You may need to refresh the comparison results after this change. But it is persisted so you have to do it only once.
This can save lots of effort if you compare many files and most of the differences are in Perforce generated keywords.
BTW Perforce keywords are documented here - Using RCS Keywords


Monday, October 12, 2009

wicket on java2days

Last week I enjoyed a wicket presentation from Andrew Lombardi on java2days. Not that I learned anything new about wicket, but it was lots of fun watching Andrew mock other web frameworks especially GWT and JSF which were presented by other speakers. This guy loves rakia...
I think he became the favorite of the audience and managed to sparkle interest in wicket while most of the people there have not heard of it before. Soon I saw the wicket page on number of laptops.

Searching for Andrew's contribution to wicket I found his refcard #63 on DZone.